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  Ordering | OrderDirect
  Medication Management | MedGuard24
  Drug Interaction Advisor | Complienz
  Electronic Remittance Advice | Auto Recon
  Remote Connectivity | VPN
  Connectivity | ePharm & ePharm VoIP
  Business Intelligence Warehousing | izikhwama
  Clinic System | OptiLIFE

All aspects of Pharmacy

  Ordering | OrderDirect  
  OrderDirect uses a powerful platform which streamlines ordering, making it quick and easy to acquire stock.
Fully integrated into Windows and Linux, it is easy to install and updates product information and prices daily.
  Medication Management | MedGuard24  
  This personalised medication dispenser will help your patients adhere to their medication dosages and instructions.
The Blister Pack that holds their medication will assist them in taking medication in the correct dosages, at the correct
times and reduce dosage errors.
  Drug Interaction Advisor | Complienz  
  Complienz Drug Interaction Software will notify you when there are drug-to-drug, drug-to-food, drug-to-disease or
any other interactions when dispensing your patients medication. You'll be able to make fully informed decisions
and solutions when preparing dosages and instructions.
  Electronic Remittance Advice | Auto Recon  
  ComPharm's Electronic Remittance Advice for Medical Aids is a new feature added to our PharmaSuite and enables
the processing of ERA's which in turn saves time and eliminates any chances of mistakes happening when processing
them manually.
  Remote Connectivity | VPN  
  Open VPN Remote Connect gives you the mobility and freedom to connect to your Pharmacy System from home or
anywhere else using a secure remote connection, as long as your Pharmacy has an ADSL connection.
  Connectivity | ePharm & ePharm VoIP  
  Advanced Pharmacy Networking developed for groups, larger Pharmacies and Independent Pharmacy, to make
transaction processes smoother and faster. At the forefront of Pharmacy Communication, ePharm's Advanced
Networking will have your Pharmacy running securely and effortlessly.

Voice over Internet Protocol technology will save you 30% on your telephone bill as well as a monthly rebate on all
incoming calls and FREE VoIP to VoIP calls.
  Business Intelligence Warehousing | Izikhwama
  Izikhwama uses state-of-the-art Data Warehousing that produces Business Intelligence Reports for the retail,
Pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry. These reports are providing crucial information that will guide you in
your strategic business decisions

  Business Intelligence - IzzyPIX
  IzzyPIX is the latest in reporting technology. It's a quick and easy to use, fast and effective tool designed to run
accurate analysis of your Pharmacy Data. The interface uses real-time data searching to help you get insight into
your all aspects of your valuable data.
  Clinic System | OptiLIFE  
  The OptiLIFE Clinic System will help you manage your Pharmacy Clinic from start to finish, keep track of all patient
visits and even record all patient transactions, preparing you for the launch of National Health Insurance.
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